Virtual Exhibition

Amidst the pandemic, creativity and innovation prove to be the remedy for improving our quality of life. The DFA Awards 2021 were granted to designers and projects that meaningfully address critical issues such as humanitarian needs, environmental, cultural and sustainable development, revitalisation through technological advancements, and marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The winners’ design inspires communities, unite people from all walks of life through one singularity, and contribute to the betterment of society in Asia and beyond.

Organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre with Create Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government as the lead sponsor, the DFA Awards underpins the role of designers within society, celebrates leadership and exemplary designs and projects with impact in Asia, as well as recognises the rising force of emerging Hong Kong designers via its five major award programmes.

This exhibition showcases the 2021 winner portfolios of three design trailblazers of DFA Lifetime Achievement Award, DFA Design Leadership Award, and DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer, and 180 winning projects of DFA Design for Asia Awards, as well as 16 awardees’ portfolios of DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. All design works are also available at the Online Showcase simultaneously.