About DFA Awards

Facing competition, uncertainty and complexity, we need a creative mindset and new knowledge for growth, competitiveness and sustained development. Design is beyond aesthetics. Design presents an attitude, innovative thinking, creative confidence and a people-centric approach towards problem-solving for the betterment of our city and economic and social wellbeing. Asia has become one of the world’s most important economic regions, with enormous potential in terms of its consumer market. The vast geographical reach of Asia encompasses a diverse spectrum of unique lifestyles, cultural heritage and socio-economic development. Design plays an increasingly vital role in offering solutions to challenges that arise from our everyday life.

Since 2003, the Hong Kong Design Centre has launched the DFA Awards to underpin the role of designers in society and to celebrate design leadership and exemplary designs and projects with commercial success and impact in Asia, as well as to recognise the rising force of emerging Hong Kong designers.

The DFA Awards has grown its international influence in Asia with the following five award programmes:


DFA Lifetime Achievement Award

Signify the design community’s respect for individuals who have made lifelong contributions to the design profession and education, as well as society, especially in Asia.


DFA Design Leadership Award

Recognise business leaders who create exceptional and sustainable business success through strategic and innovative use of Design.


DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer

Acknowledge the designers of Chinese origin who have significant design achievement and international recognition.


DFA Design for Asia Awards

Commend a wide range of design that embodies Asian aesthetics and culture, with influence on the design trends in Asia and for Asia. The awards are presented to design solutions that have been deemed exemplars for improving quality of life, or inspiring future design development.


DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award

Nurture the development of emerging Hong Kong designers and design graduates, and provide sponsorship for them to gain experience overseas, through work or further education.